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A Vision That Requires A Global Audience: Rebecca Bernard In The Spotlight

Updated: Jan 29

Rebecca Bernard is an educator and business strategist with a proven track record in the areas of education, non-profit management, travel, global business and cross-cultural communications. She is a community builder with the skillful ability to unite and inspire meaningful collaboration amongst people around the world. In 2013 Rebecca founded Family Go Global, which offers education-focused adventures for families around the globe. She frequently consults for non-profit and for-profit ventures and authors content on entrepreneurship, multiculturalism, parenting, raising global citizens, education, travel and more. She has called Los Angeles and Costa Rica home and is now living a nomadic world schooling (screw home schooling) lifestyle with her two children. Check out why this amazing fempreneur deserves to enjoy this weeks spot light!!

So Rebecca what is FamilyGo Global?

Family Go Global inspires adventurous families to connect, explore, and engage with other cultures around the world. We build community through curated travel experiences that welcome all ages and are educational, authentic, and fun.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Fortunately (and unfortunately), thanks to my parents and the progressive education that I had, I am just far too dynamic, creative, and independently minded to work for the establishment. Ha!

There is nothing that will kill my ambition faster than a micro-managing superior or restrictive corporate structure. Even when I worked in the corporate sector as a globalization business executive, I was collaborating with colleagues around the world. Yet, I could work independently, dictating my daily schedule, and managing my road to success. I realize now that this combo of independent and collaborative work environment works for me. I was fortunate to learn from some excellent managers in my 20s. Still, I came to find that this level of leadership, one that acknowledges and empowers individual genius (without feeling threatened), is actually rare in for-profit and non-profit sectors!

"real game changers never achieved radical change being practical. I would rather be extraordinary than status quo".

After a few somewhat traumatic work experiences, I said "enough!" and decided to strike out on my own. I also vowed that when it came time for me to manage others, that I would do so with grace and generosity. Passing along the gift that my previous mentor managers had taught me. Entrepreneurship has allowed me an outlet to channel my creativity and pair it with my ability to organize and manage while being self-sufficient and self-governing. I have enjoyed galvanizing others under a shared vision and have learned to gracefully lead by example.

Did you dive into entrepreneurship or gradually build while working full-time? Briefly describe

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit since I was a teen and often had a side hustle (or two going) while I worked a full or part-time job. I am now sufficiently entrepreneurial but have bounced back and forth between consulting jobs and full-time work for years.

As an entrepreneur what are your thoughts on brand reinvention? Any tips?

You are always reinventing when you are an entrepreneur! Even worldwide brands have to do it, and as a small business, you have to stay on point with the trends and demands of your clients, or you will be left behind. The good thing about being small is that you can be agile. I have had to refresh my brand at least every other year to stay current.

What are 1-2 mindset hurdle(s) that you have had to shift in order to grow your heart-driven business?

I had to kill, "I can't,"! My creative spirit is excellent at coming up with magical ideas and opportunities to expand. However, my logical mind is a master at squashing these down with practical defeatist thoughts that basically result in "I can't." Oh sweet, sweet rational mind, lol. It always comes up with a very reasonable defense. Still, real game-changers never achieved radical change being practical. I would rather be extraordinary than the status quo. So "I can't" had to die and be replaced with I CAN! You can too!! You can do whatever you want! No one gets to live your life, but you, so play the game the way you want to. I am not encouraging recklessness by any means. It is important that you plan and dream and work towards your goal pragmatically. Often the biggest hurdle to taking that radical, extraordinary, life-changing leap is thinking you can't. Well I say jump! You might land on your feet. If you don't, get up, shake it off, and try again.

I find that when I seek the answers outside of myself, I often choose against my highest self, following the path as others see it.

What sets your business apart from the others?

Family Go Global is one of a few travel agencies that marries education with tourism and welcomes the entire family. As an educator by profession, I see travel as one of life's most excellent teachers. Family Go Global trips provide a well-rounded experience. Not only are our trips authentic and educational. They are intentionally designed for all ages, from infants to our golden citizens.

FGG also provides a travel experience that has been designed BY and FOR a diverse audience. While U.S. travelers of color contribute a significant dollar amount to the collective yearly travel spend, we remain disproportionately underrepresented in both travel product development and ad spends by major members of the industry. Mandala Research, a hotel and tourism market research firm, found that African American and Hispanic travelers in the U.S. spend $48 billion and $56 billion, respectively, per year globally. African American travelers were among the fastest-growing traveler groups in the U.S. in 2015. However, our faces are not represented in traditional travel advertising (for instance, according to Nielsen, only 2.6% of all advertising focuses on African Americans). And curated experiences that reflect our interests and cultural values are few and far in between.

Family Go Global aims to provide a service that incorporates these cultural preferences, and powerfully represents diverse travelers around the world.

Has spirituality played a role in helping you achieve success? How?

My spiritual practice has really kept me sane and been at the crux of my most recent successes. Making time to quiet my mind, quiet the outside noise, and really go deep into the heart and soul of my desires has been my compass over the last 18 months for sure. I find that when I seek the answers outside of myself, I often choose against my highest self, following the path as others see it. I have had to really practice silencing the fray to allow for my inner voice to ring clear. It has only taken me what, 40 years!! Haha.

So in 2020 what goal are you set on manifesting?

Geographic independence.

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