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Understanding & Navigating Resistance

Updated: Apr 23

One of the areas that will be important for you to get familiar with on your journey to success is the energy of resistance. You know that experience of hitting challenges that slow your momentum when you're trying to hit your goals, thrive, and claim the life of your dreams, etc.

The truth is: resistance is not some curse or evil force working against you, but it is synonymous with growth.

As much as we outwardly maintain that we would like to improve our lives, we only allow ourselves to move forward incrementally. A lot of this has to do with the fact that we have been conditioned to fear the uncertain. Thus, resistance is the unconscious influence of the mind upon something it does not yet fully embrace or understand. Again, we all experience resistance, but some of us move through it more fluidly.

When resistance is present, it can show up in many ways and within these three categories:

  • Conscious & obvious: Examples include fear, doubt, perfectionism, procrastination, etc. This is the kind of resistance perpetuated by our fear-based internal self-talk.

  • " Common examples include creative blocks and having a scatterbrain. Or maybe you're one of the many ambitious women that finds herself caught on the hamster wheel of "DOING." At the same time, very few steps have actually been taken in the direction of manifesting your dream.

  • External: Resistance that comes from the outside world can show up in the form of those pesky surprises that keep popping up in your life and feel a lot like setbacks.

Now here is the deal, we are all worthy of success when we take responsibility as the creative director of our lives. Although experiencing resistance sucks, it is the universe's way of helping us push through our perceived limitations. When navigated effectively, the outcome will always result in a fortified mind and spirit. Still, it can successfully derail us when:

  • We have no framework for what's possible in our lives.

  • We have big and daunting decisions to make… and no clarity whatsoever.

  • The vision we're trying to manifest is not our own

  • Let's not forget the unconscious programming of scarcity mindset that you picked up along the way.

I get it. Life is complicated. So here is how I help my boss ladies identify and navigate resistance more fluidly in their life and businesses:

Step 1: Identify it

Are you struggling with doubt, fear, or are you easily distracted? To identify how resistance shows up on your journey, you'll need to slow down, pause, and take inventory of your actions concerning the goal/vision you're trying to bring about. I typically require my ladies to review their productivity over the last 3-4 weeks. Ultimately you want to ask, "Am I doing things that move me closer to what I want or further away, and am I okay with that?'

Step 2: Push through

I wish I had a fancy skill here, but the reality is this. The only way to navigate resistance is through it. This looks different for everyone. I actually spend a considerable amount of time working with my clients in this area. Sometimes it can be as simple as scheduling accountability check-ins, setting deadlines, or simply being still.

So there you have it! I hope this helps. Remember, if you're interested in working with me, apply for your clarity session today…


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