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Fempreneur in the Spotlight: Angela D. Young

Dallas Texas born; Angela D. Young is yet another force to reckon with and can I add that she is my little sis in Delta OO-OOP🥰! An alum of the one and only Clark Atlanta University. Angela’s career began when she was immediately offered a job as a manager at the renowned Patchwerk Recording Studios just out of college. During her tenure there, she had the opportunity to work with some of the most prominent Hip Hop and R&B artists in the industry. It was there that she came into her own and learned how to be a businesswoman. Young’s love for music runs deep. Like poetry, she feels music gives a voice to our emotions. She self-published her first book of poetry for young women in 2014. The book is entitled Pieces of Me. This inspiring book of poetry covers sensitive and universal topics with a gentle, honest approach that invites the reader into a conversation with the poet.

Angela D. Young understands that part of her purpose is to be of service to others. A couple of years, ago she turned her passion into reality with the ‘Little Black Box Project’. The goal of this annual project is to give hope during the holiday season to women and children in need. Over the past few years, Young has donated hundreds of gift boxes to shelters such as the Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence, Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support, Covenant House Georgia, and Solomon’s Temple Foundation Inc.

The passion that drives Young is her desire to make women feel empowered, beautiful, and confident. This passion serves as the motivating force behind her beNAKED Campaign. Fueled by her desire to empower, inspire, and enlighten women and girls of all ages to know that no matter how the world defines beauty, true beauty comes from our heart and soul.

Angela believes that women can rise above fear and limitation and discover a whole new way of living that is full of freedom, deep connections, and true authentic happiness; the kind that comes from within. She desires to create a space that is centered on the art of connection and hopes to use her voice and platform to cultivate experiences through various channels that will allow women to connect on a deeper level with each other, but most importantly themselves. She wants women to understand the magic they hold within but also discover the magic in uplifting each other.

This woman has been able to thrive because her vision is securely grounded in her morals and core values of self-respect, self-worth, professionalism, and integrity. But it is her unwavering faith that keeps her grounded and humble.

Learn more about how Angela is growing as a businesswoman!

Photo Credit: Angela D. Young

SC: So, Angela, describe your business in 3-4 sentences.

Angela: iAMAngelaYoung is a lifestyle brand committed to empowering and uplifting women. We advocate for confidence and positive self-image in women through a variety of programs. Networking events, community service opportunities, and enlightening web content are all aimed at helping women achieve the life they desire while walking in their truth. Our goal is to give women a platform to connect with other like-minded women, share their stories, and learn from the stories of others. We are striving to make a positive impact on society, one woman at a time!

SC: What inspired you to start your own business?

Angela: My passion for curating events safe spaces for women to connect.

SC: Yeeessss 🙌🏽!! So, has building your business been gradual or did you jump in headfirst?

Angela: I'm gradually building because this is uncharted territory for me. Therefore, I think it's important to research, educate myself as much as possible, and ease into it full-time. It's very important to me that I build my brand/business on a firm foundation.

SC: I can really appreciate your response. It is such a great example of walking your path, your way👏! As an entrepreneur what are your thoughts on brand reinvention? Any tips?

Angela: I think sometimes it’s necessary. You just need to rebrand, refocus, drown out all the noise and listen to your customers. It's essential to know when to pivot or tweak things in your business. It takes a lot of courage, as well.

SC: Speaking of pivoting, lol! What are 1-2 mindset hurdle(s) that you have had to shift to grow your business?

Angela: The first was thinking that since I didn't have as much experience or followers, that I didn't deserve to be in the room, or have a seat at the table. The other was thinking that no one really cares about what I have to say. Or would buy from little ole me, or attend my events, etc.

SC: I can totally relate to the “followers” piece. So, would you say that your spirituality has played a role in helping you achieve success? If so, how?

Angela: Absolutely! It's my unwavering faith that keeps me grounded and humble. I wholeheartedly believe that I've only made it this far and been able to accomplish what I have because my steps are ordered by GOD. He is the CEO of my life and my brand.

SC: Girl we got the same CEO, lol🙌🏽! Now I know 2020 is given us all a run for our money, but the year is still young! What goal are you set on manifesting?

Angela: Completing my second book

SC: Ooh I love it! Any other tips or advice for aspiring business owners?

Angela: Bet on yourself! Build it, and your tribe will come! The world needs your gifts, so share them unapologetically!

Angela thank you for being such a beautiful soul. Your voice and passion are a whole beacon of light and I sincerely pray that you are continuously used as an extension of the divine hand. #proudofyou

Stay connected to Angela and follow her at:

IG: iam_angelayoung


You can also purchase your copy of Pieces of Me Here


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