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Entrepreneur in the spotlight! Rachel Swire

With so much going on in our world, I had to put the pause on blogging; but I am back and super excited to spotlight Ms. Rachel Swire! Not only is Rachel a longtime friend and amazing human, she is also the owner of Salon Cabello, a boutique salon that specializes in color and hair rehabilitations through intense treatments.

Rachel is far from a novice ya’ll, in fact, she has been in business for 11 years as a professional cosmetologist. During that time, Rachel has been a brand manager and educator for large hair color and hair extension companies. As well as a brand ambassador for one of the largest hair vitamin companies. This talented businesswoman has been featured in some of Atlanta’s major publications, as an ‘Up and Coming Hairstylist’ and she has been recognized as one of Atlanta’s ‘Most Powerful and Influential Women’ (the special edition). I am super lucky to get a moment of Rachel's time and hope you enjoy the golden nuggets she is handing out in this interview.!

SC: So, Rachel, what inspired you to build in this industry?

Rachel: I knew from the time I was 15 years old that the beauty industry was for me. On a deeper level, I believe I wanted women to KNOW they are valued and beautiful, simply as they are. Enhancing your natural beauty is the sweet spot, not trying to become someone else’s standards of beauty.

SC: Did you dive into the world of entrepreneurship or ease in?

Rachel: I dived in headfirst with no training wheels AT ALL!!!! Call it youthful ignorance but I had a vision and just wanted to see it through...bumps, bruises and all!

"Just because it’s my heart-driven business doesn’t mean others won’t handle it with love and care."

SC: What are your thoughts on brand reinvention? Any tips?

Rachel: I think your business is a continual evolution of what your calling is. In almost 12 years my business has changed but its core message is still based on women understanding that their individual beauty has a purpose and should be celebrated.

SC: I absolutely agree! What are some mindset hurdle(s) that you have had to shift in order to grow your business?

Rachel: The biggest hurdle I’ve had and still struggle with is simply asking for help! Just because it’s my heart-driven business doesn’t mean others won’t handle it with love and care.

SC: That’s a biggie! So many women have been convinced that they have to do it alone. So, what sets your business apart from the others in your industry?

Rachel: I’m not sure if it sets it apart but my clients are all a part of my business including making major changes. I educate my clients not only on their hair but as investors in the salon they are just as involved in major business decisions that can affect a place they love to come and share and grow!

SC: Has spirituality played a role in helping you achieve success? How?

Rachel: My spirituality is the only way I stay in business! Without my prayer and meditation, I will give up every time that thought crosses my brain and trust me after so many years it WILL pop up!

SC: Despite this pandemic what goal(s) are you set on manifesting?

Rachel: My goal for 2020 is to completely realign and restructure my purpose. I know that sounds hefty but the process is actually taking me back to basics and clear out the clutter and unnecessary distractions.

SC: I absolutely love that! Any other tips or advice for aspiring business owners?

Rachel: If you have a vision know that NO ONE can carry it out but you. God has never made you before and will never make you again. Who you are at this very moment makes you unique!

If you are interested in learning more, follow Rachel on IG: @rscolornerd


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