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Entrepreneur In The Spotlight: Mercedes Samudio

Like all of the women that I have been so excited to spotlight, this beautiful, smart, funny, wise, ambitious and compassionate visionary is absolutely no exception to the rule! Mercedes Samudio, LCSW is a parent coach, speaker, bestselling author, and founder of the Diversity in Parenting Conference who helps parents and children communicate with each other, manage emotional trauma, navigate social media and technology together, and develop healthy parent-child relationships. Mercedes started the #EndParentShaming movement as well as coined the term Shame-Proof Parenting – using both to bring awareness to ending parent shame. You can read more about her parenting expertise at

SC: So Mercedes, describe your business in 3-4 sentences.

Mercedes: I work with parents and professionals to develop healthy ways to support and heal families. In this work with parents, I focus on developing a healthy parenting identity, managing the same that comes their way, and raising whole, healthy children. With professionals, I help them to develop the confidence to dive deep with families, reducing shame for parents, and creating long-lasting change for the entire family.

"The work I do is to support families by helping parents grow and heal, and help professionals develop the empathy to help families thrive."

SC: Wow! So what inspired you to start your own business?

Mercedes: I was inspired to start this business because of my own family history. Growing up with my grandmother was difficult, and I suffered abuse by a parent who wasn't able to manage her emotions and life choices. The work I do is to support families by helping parents grow and heal, and help professionals develop the empathy to help families thrive. This work is so important to me because I know that when parents feel whole, they have the space they need to create healthy families.

SC: I love everything about your answer! Did you dive into entrepreneurship or gradually build? Briefly describe.

Mercedes: I dove headfirst into entrepreneurship, starting my practice as an associate. In 2014 I started a business Bootcamp to learn how to build a thriving psychotherapy practice. My practice has since evolved, but the same themes keep showing up: support families by healing parents. That theme and idea have helped me grow from a small practice to a thriving brand, developing nonprofit, and successful annual conference.

"One of the biggest mindset hurdles I have had to shift is that forging a new path is supposed to be difficult."

SC: As an entrepreneur, what are your thoughts on brand reinvention? Any tips?

Mercedes: I believe that every brand must reinvent itself. As you grow, your idea of how you want to help grows. Thus, your branding evolves to reflect not just the people you want to serve, but also how you want to show up in the world. I've gone from being a solopreneur to building a nonprofit and creating a conference. This all happened because I allowed the natural progression of my message and brand to evolve.

SC: Okay, so here is a big question...What are 1-2 mindset hurdle(s) that you have had to shift to grow your heart-driven business?

Mercedes: Mindset is a constant hurdle that I believe grows with you as your business grows. One of the biggest mindset hurdles I have had to shift is that forging a new path is supposed to be difficult. When you're doing something no one else has done, there is no blueprint; so it's all you, and it's up to you to create that pathway that others will definitely follow. The second mindset hurdle closely follows the first, and that is: you have to be willing to grow as your business grows. You cannot keep the same behaviors, habits, and mindsets, or you run the risk of sabotaging your progress. It's scary to tread new emotional and mental spaces, but it's integral to your growth. The whole process is messy, but it's a process that you must move through to hit the next level.

SC: Yeesss!! So, What would you say sets your business apart from the others in your industry?

Mercedes: Wow! This is good! I believe the main thing that sets my business apart is that my focus on growth for both parents and professionals allows for systemic change. Many people focus on one population, not realizing that this population is part of a more extensive system. For me, I realized that parents do well when service providers are also informed on how to work with them. This is the focus of the work I do, and I think it sets me apart.

SC: Has spirituality played a role in helping you achieve success? How?

Mercedes: I have had a huge spiritual shift from organized religion to being open to all in the metaphysical realm. I believe that shift is reflective of the growth that I have had in all areas of my life. So, yes, I'd say that spirituality has played a considerable role in my success. I am open to all things the Universe has for me - the shifts, the lessons, the abundance, the prosperity - all of it.

SC: So, in 2020, what goal are you set on manifesting?

Mercedes: I am looking forward to manifesting another successful conference, more speaking, and growing a successful nonprofit.

SC: Mercedes you are truly amazing!! Any other tips or advice?

Mercedes: Be authentic. Always. You will not satisfy everyone. But being authentic means that you will attract the people who need you most.

Interested in following Mercedes and learning more?

All Social Media Channels: @Diversity in Parenting, Inc.

Conference Website:

General Website:

To purchase a copy of Mercede's book click HERE!

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