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5 Signs You May Be Manifesting From A Spiritually Disconnected Heart:

Updated: Jan 15

It is not easily recognizable unless you already know the signs. But becoming spiritually disconnected can happen to any of us, including the profoundly religious. Furthermore, I understand that it is common to view spirituality and religion as one and the same; but I do not. In the broadest sense, spirituality can stand very much alone and without a connection to any specific faith system. In my opinion, spirituality is our sense of connection to something greater than ourselves. A pursuit to walk and create from purpose. It is our practice of consistently honoring our values.

So, if you’re trying to manifest a more harmonious business, career, and life this year, you should look out for the following signs & adjust accordingly:

Unsettling emptiness. You're busy! You're successful, and you're also feeling unfulfilled. When you become spiritually disconnected, it is like living on auto-pilot. Something is missing, but you can't quite put your finger on it. You have a deep longing to make a different or more significant impact in the world. Still, somewhere along the way, you lost sight of what that actually looks like.

Imposter/inferiority complex. You are standing on a new stage amongst those who you consider far more accomplished than yourself, and you feel like a fraud. If the mysterious "they" only knew the lengths you go to hide the fact that you feel inferior in your beautiful skin. When we are spiritually disconnected, we rely heavily on the validation of others and the acquisition of "things" as indicators of our success.

Constant fear, self-doubt & worry. Is your fear of failing or getting it wrong consistently requiring you to attempt controlling as many variables in your life as possible? If "yes" is the answer, my friend, you lack trust in something greater. In most cases, you're operating with the world on your shoulders, and you're petrified that one little mistake will send it crashing down.

Out of touch with your values. So there are fundamental values like trust, love, hard-work, etc. Then there are those values that shape how we show up in the world, form connections and pursue our goals, etc. In my opinion, values are like our spiritual GPS systems. When we know what matters to us, we're less likely to get lost in depression, anxiety, self-doubt, etc.

Money is your answer to happiness. Don't get me wrong, assert your value, and get your coin! But if you are putting your heart into making money, instead of making money as a result of doing something you love, your disconnected. Why? Because when we attach our happiness to cash, we essentially create limitations for ourselves. Do you think Madame CJ Walker, Oprah & Steve Jobs put their heart in making money?

There are many other signs of spiritual disconnect. Still, these five can present as real barriers to achieving your business vision in 2020, if not checked at the gates.

So how do you get connected?

Reorient yourself in what matters to you. What are your values? Need help answering this question, click here to complete this 10-minute activity. I use this assignment with every single person that I work with and they love it!!

If you feel like you and your business can benefit from a spiritual realignment, schedule a call. I help women who believe they were sent here to build entrepreneurial legacies, cultivate a spiritual practice that promotes their well-being. Why? Because when you are spiritually connected and whole, you become more resilient, self-caring, dynamic, and consciously moving forward in purposeful action.


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