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8 Small Business Grants For Women Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jan 31

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There are a number of small business grants for women, and a full range of organizations that offer such grants. Some, like the Amber Grant, is open to all women-owned businesses. Others, like the Halstead Grant, are offered to women-owned businesses in a niche sector. It is important to make sure that you meet the qualifications and eligibility requirements of the grant for which you’re applying.

But nonetheless, girl get that money!!

Note: The Cartier Women’s initiative is a program that I found, but is currently closed. It looks like they have recently announced the winning recipient for 2020. Still, check it out and keep your eye on this one to learn more about 2020/2021 details.

The 8 best small business grants for women are:

1) Amber Grant: $2,000 grant with potential for additional $25,000

2) GIRLBOSS Foundation Grant: Up to $15,000 for entrepreneurs in creative fields

3) Open Meadows Foundation: $2,000 grant for small and startup non-profit 501(c)(3) businesses

4) Halstead Grant: Up to $7,500 for silver jewelry businesses

5) Tory Burch Foundation Fellows Program $5,000 for businesses with revenues over $75,000

6) Sustainable Arts Foundation: The Sustainable Arts Foundation supports artists and writers with children. We make annual unrestricted cash awards to individuals; at least half of these awards are made to applicants of color.

7) Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA): MBDA is an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce that works to grow and promote minority-owned businesses through the advancement of public and private programs, policies, and research.

8) American Association of University Women: $10,000 for businesses supporting women in the community


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