Relatable & Transformative.

"Nikki knows how to connect to people on a real meaningful level. Throughout her talk, my team sent text messages saying just how much they loved listening to her speak. Did I mention the line of people who wanted to "pick her brain afterward".  



My talks are a well-balanced integration of lived and professional experiences.   


Heartfelt & Safe.

Being afforded an opportunity to hold space to support people in talking about their fear is not an opportunity that I take lightly. When I am in the room I am operating on all cylinders.



I can tailor my message about fear to impact the specific challenges and opportunities facing your audience..  


Engaging & Playful.

"I absolutely loved the fact that Nikki didn't just talk at us! She allowed us to engage by sharing our thoughts. I loved that she also created incorporated activities that allowed us to connect to the material."



Your audience will not only leave feeling empowered, but they will also be equipped with practical tools and meaningful take-aways.  

The impact of her workshops has been transformative for our youth. - Riverside Community Health Foundation

Workshops and masterclasses – Where the rubber hits the road.

Each keynote presentation can be tailored to an exclusive masterclass or a longer workshop.
Providing effective and memorable facilitation to bring her keynotes to life, Nichomi is able to work with her clients to deliver customized presentations and programs.

Ready To Put You First?

Download my free morning meditation and self-reflection tool. 

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