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Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend a session, please make sure you cancel at least 24 hours beforehand. Otherwise, you may be charged for the full rate of the session excluding medical emergencies.

What are the benefits of out-of-network/ private pay?

Being out-of-network or choosing to pay privately (without insurance) helps to ensure your utmost confidentiality and privacy when working together. I do not need to release your records to any third party without your consent. Also, when using your insurance, I must diagnose you with a mental health condition that will become part of your medical record. If you choose to pay privately or pursue out of network benefits, information about the nature of your treatment and the issues discussed in sessions will remain solely between you and I. Thus, it is important to consider which option you prefer and are most comfortable with prior to beginning treatment.

How do you decide your rates?

My private pay rates are competitive to the area served and the services provided. I am a specialist in the field of eating disorders and adolescent therapy with years of post-graduate education, training, and credentials. Rates take into consideration my education, training, experience and operations cost. Please note that payment is due at the time of service.

How often does therapy last, and how often do I need to come?

The length of time therapy takes varies for each client and is influenced by the presenting problem as well as the goals of the counseling process. I prefer to see clients on a weekly basis for the first two-three months to develop an accurate understanding of who you are and your developmental history as well as understand your needs and formulate a specific treatment plan. Once we feel that progress has been made or your symptoms have improved, we can reduce the frequency of treatment to biweekly, monthly, or as needed.


I’m not sure I’m ready to start treatment. How can therapy help me?

Therapists can provide support, problem-solving skills, and enhanced coping strategies that are different from talking to a friend or family member. They can provide a non-biased, educated perspective on a difficult problem you may have or point you in the direction of a solution. The benefits you obtain from therapy depend on how much you put into the process and practice what you learn. Some of the benefits of therapy include:

  • Attaining a better understanding of yourself, your goals, and values

  • Developing skills for improving your relationships

  • Finding resolution to the issues or concerns that led you to seek therapy

  • Improving communications and listening skills

  • Discovering new ways to solve problems with your family, partner, or work

  • Improving your self-esteem and boosting your self-confidence


How can I get the most out of therapy?

It is important to understand that you will get quicker and more significant results from therapy if you actively participate in and commit to the process. This includes taking chances, being open, showing up on time and attending sessions regularly, doing the homework and being patient as you allow the process to work. It takes months to unlearn a bad habit, imagine how many years you’ve spent developing some of the relationship dynamics, insecurities, or negative self-talk that may be keeping you from reaching your goals. The purpose of therapy is to educate and help you to bring what you learn back into your life so you don’t need it anymore. Beyond the work we do in your therapy sessions, I am a big advocate for the implementation of techniques and homework outside of our sessions together. Since our session is only 50 minutes long, the fastest way to see a positive change is to start implementing these skills into your daily life.

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client is one that: 

  • Desires to change but might not know what to do or where to start

  • Is taking steps to improve their world and those around them

  • Sees inward reflection as beneficial

  • Is reliable and committed to meeting together

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