Even Superwomen Deserve A place to hang their capes. 

Despite your many achievements do you often feel like an imposter?  Have you created a life for yourself that now feels inauthentic or lacking? Is the pressure of being and doing everything perfectly leading to constant indecisiveness, missed opportunities, high-anxiety, and exhaustion? Or are you simply tired of fear and self-doubt hijacking your dreams and taking over your relationships? 

If any of these questions feel a little familiar, you've come to the right gal!

Why? Well because even the strongest women need a little bit of help to work through some of life’s challenges.  Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, disordered eating, or any other issue that is keeping you from living a more fulfilling life. You should know that there is hope for a better tomorrow. The obstacles you want to overcome, the life you dream of living and the goals you want to achieve are all possible through the safe space of Counseling.  But the first step begins with a call...

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Ready to take a step that puts you first?

Ready To Put You First?

Download my free morning meditation and self-reflection tool. 


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About Nichomi

Hello and welcome! I am so happy that you've found me. My name is Nichomi and I am a licensed marriage & family therapist (LMFT 100789), holistic business coach and the founder of SolCentered, a wellness practice in Chino CA dedicated to providing professional, entrepreneurial, creative and influential women of all ages confidential, heart-filled and experienced counseling & business coaching services.


What other women are saying!

"Thank you for your wealth of wisdom, insight, honesty, compassion, humor, and empathy. Thank you for being true to yourself as it has allowed me to do the same."


- Traci

"You help me grow by shining light on my value and worth, nurturing and pushing me ever towards the light and creating a safe space by which that growth is possible"


 - Cathryn

"I can only speak highly of Nikki. Whether you are looking for a therapist or a coach, she'll help you get your mind aligned with what matters to you!"



The purpose of the consultation is to answer any questions that you might have as well as determine if I can help you get the results you want through one of my service offerings! This is not a session.  However, I will ask you to share a little bit about whats going on in your world. 

Ready To Put You First?

Download my free morning meditation and self-reflection tool. 

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